Counting Down the Days

It’s all systems go here on our little island as the CCMI staff get ready for the arrival of our Rutgers Interns in just 7 days time- not that we’re counting or anything! We love nothing more than being able to pass on our passion for ocean life to others and inspire the inner scientist within our students. We hope everyone is just as excited for the three weeks to follow as we are!


Little Cayman is home to one of the world’s most beautiful coral reef systems thriving in the most diverse marine life. So who can argue that there’s no better place to study Caribbean tropical marine ecology than here! Am I right?

Throughout the internship we’ll be tackling all sorts of topics from interactions within the reefs, importance of coral nurseries, fine tuning identification skills and discovering more about the invasive lionfish.

Did you know: The researchers here at CCMI are currently tracking lionfish movement, in order to determine how best to manage their population.

CCMI’s aim: To increase the interest of coral reef science and conservation. We will be training students to design and conduct field research of their own, which in turn will be providing useful data for a much larger-scale project known as DARWIN, which involves the collaboration of CCMI with the Smithsonian Institute  Studying key herbivorous fish species within the Cayman Islands .

A final message to our students: CCMI is ready and waiting for you; workshops are prepped, boats are fueled and excitement is running high. So now it’s your turn,  learn those coral and algae ID’s, pack those bags, get on those flights and come join us here on Little Cayman.

One Last thing: Are you reading this and at college yourself or know someone that is? Follow our three week progress on this blog as we’ll be getting daily posts from all the students. Students from any college or university in the US may be eligible to participate and receive course credit through Rutgers University’s Institute of Marine & Coastal Science. More details of the course and sign up process can be found on our website.

Until next time!

 Jess Haines – Education and Outreach Intern

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