All Aboard!

Hey guys! My name is Monique S Calderon, or just Momo and I just graduated from Rutgers University-New Brunswick.I majored in Marine Science, specifically Marine Biology/Biological Oceanography. Before going to Rutgers I attended Miami Dade College in Florida, but I was born and raised in the Helen of the West, St. Lucia, West Indies.

Today is Tuesday the 30th and we went on our first boat dive! We first did a survey dive at Icon Reef where we laid 50-m transects and searched for sea urchins. After, we went to the coral nursery and cleaned the trees and lines. (I may have gotten a little too focused on cleaning and missed the signal to surface.)

IR.TM5.30.05.17 (23).JPG


IR.TM5.30.05.17 (27).JPG

Today I learnt that bobbing up and down in the water column in shallow water will mess up my ability to equalize first hand, and now I know to stay at one depth as much as possible while laying out my transect tape.

We also had an iguana talk from Iguana B’Gonna, and we learned how to tell the difference between green and rock iguanas, and the potential threat that green iguanas pose to the rock iguana population on Little Cayman, as well as other islands and countries where they are considered invasive.

One (relatively) fun fact we learned we learned was that at least one green iguana female has mated with a rock iguana male, and produced hybrid iguanas, which was previously thought to be impossible or at least very unlikely.

Afterwards we had a nice quiet evening in, preparing for our next boat dive at 8 am. I’m excited to film for our fish behaviour assignment tomorrow!

Until next time!

Monique S Calderon, Rutgers University.



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