Hello everyone! My name is CJ Eni and I am currently a rising junior at Gettysburg College. I am a management major as well as an environmental science major with a concentration on marine and freshwater ecology. Today is June 7th which means we only have one week left! Today we spent a lot of time in the labs working with lionfish and their stomach contents. We first participated in an activity of identifying lionfish stomach contents both by looking at fish remains as well as from some of the fish’s scales. After this, we were able to practice making an incision and suture up lionfish as if we were to tag them. Then we took our lionfish and dissected them learning where the heart, lungs, stomach, swim bladder, fat, and intestines are located, as well as, checking the stomach contents, which were for the most part empty. After this, a few of us filleted and skinned the lionfish for dinner. For the rest of the day, we worked on analyzing images on coral net for our project.




Today we learned how to dissect a lionfish which was very interesting. Learning how to stitch up the lionfish after making an incision was a great learning experience as it could be practice for what some of us hope to do later in our careers. Something I found very interesting while dissecting the lionfish was the amount of fat they have stored in their bodies which is different than most other reef fish.




We had a great night here in Little Cayman. It started with all of us getting to try delicious lionfish which was cooked by Jess. Following dinner, many of us made our way to Beach Resort where we enjoyed a nice night of trivia. While our hopes were high neither of our teams won. I am very excited to get back on the water tomorrow after a day off and go snorkeling.


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