A Bittersweet Farewell

Hey y’all,

I’m Kayasha Freeman, a rising junior at Rutgers University- New Brunswick majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Africana Studies. Sadly, today, June 14th, was our last day. Tomorrow everyone will be parting ways and saying our goodbyes after a long yet also way too quick 3 weeks. We started the day with a late breakfast then returned our BCDs, regulators, and weight belts. Our first stop of the day was Point of Sands. We ran into a family visiting from Alabama, and their great grandmother was actually born and raised in Little Cayman! We played in the picture perfect blue water for a bit then headed back to the station for a delicious lunch from the amazing Ms. Em! We had tortilla chips with ground beef and beans, cheese, and sour cream. We also had molasses sugar cookies to top it off!


The highlight of the day was Owen Island. We headed out to Owen Island around 3pm. The swim was light and enjoyable, and I was super excited to finally make it to the island. All the students and staff hung out and sat in the water or played ball until the sun set. This was by far the most fun and relaxing day we had, and it was great to get to unwind and celebrate after 3 weeks of hard work. Today I learned that if the van door breaks during a store run, you have to climb in through the window. I wish I got a picture of me half hanging out of the window.


We arrived back at the station at dusk and Lowell was grilling us up some hot dogs and hamburgers. Alli made lionfish dip which was delicious. It was my first time eating lionfish dip and I think now I’m hooked. Around 9 we all headed out to the Iggy one last time, we were all so sad to leave Sheba! There’s not much to be excited about for tomorrow, since we’ll all be going our separate ways, but I’m sure everyone is going to be happy to see their families again and tell them everything we saw and experienced. I can’t wait to show my family pictures and videos from the trip!

Until Next Time!

Kayasha Freeman

Rutgers University – New Brunswick


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